Our Values

Our Kindy Family

We believe in developing strong relationships with families, whanaungatanga. We get to know you, our families whanau, through your whakapapa and by engaging in open, honest communication. Kaiako encourage families to take an active part in the children's learning. We invite you to storypark where you can see your child's progress documented in notes, stories, videos, pictures and have input on your child's individual plan. We encourage family whanau to spend time at Kindy sharing your talents or joining in the fun. We also offer opportunities throughout the year to get together and enjoy excursions.

Inclusive Kindy

Our mixed age group allows for many learning opportunities and the concepts of Ako (teaching and learning together) and Tuakana Teina (older children modelling to younger children and vice versa). We take time to get to know your child, seeing each learner as an individual who will learn and develop at their own pace. We partner with families whanau in this process to cater for individual needs. We celebrate children's unique cultural heritage including language, celebrations, and traditions, making connections between people, places, and things. Kindy recognises Maori as Tangta Whenua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Sustainable Kindy

We believe tamariki thrive in the outside environment. Nature pedagogy has great benefits to children's learning. Spending time in the outside environment enhances physical, social and emotional development. We hope to foster a love of nature and a respect for taonga and the environment. We offer opportunities for nga tamariki to practice kiatiakitanga (guardianship of the land). We use natural resources to enhance children's learning experiences. We hold green/gold Enviroschool status in recognition of our ongoing sustainability journey. Enviroschools is a programme dedicated to ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

Learning at Kindy

Our programme offers uninterupted periods of free play for tamariki to explore, take risks, and learn through their individual interests. We offer a wide variety of open ended activities and resources for your child to explore, enabling them to generate their working theories and weaving in the curriculum domains. Our qualified, experienced teachers give children time and space to explore, extending learning through quality korero, listening to the child's voice, positive guidence and intentional teaching. Our mixed age group offers unique learning experiences, tuakana teina, empowering nga tamariki, and offering leadership opportunities. Teachers share childrens learning through our online portfolio, Storypark.

Moving on from Kindy

We aim to support children and families as they transition from Kindy to school. We provide information for all our feeder schools as well as advice and guidance. Families choose when and where to send their child to school. Teachers can liaise with New Entrant teachers and will, with families permission, share information about your child's learning journey at Kindy through a transition to school statement. We recognise that children develop at their own pace and in their own time, and each individual child's journey to school will be unique.